What Makes Us Green

In the beginning, the earth was created green. Then it started turning gray. Making a lot of people unhappy. So we are trying to be green wherever we can. Which is a lot of places.

landfillNo To Landfills
carbon footprintCarbon Neutral by 2030
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destinationLow Emission Route Planning
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Multiplying Efficiencies

By combining the approaches from companies in the connected industries such as courier and logistics, we have come up with a robust framework consisting of principles commensurate with our scale, speed, and vision.

Placed at the center of this vision are our operations, and the goal being to limit emissions wherever possible. Whilst we are not a company actually manufacturing green equipment, but through adoption of green practices and harmonizing our business goals with customer requirements, we try to achieve the right equilibrium of care and carbon. The twain shall meet with a sincere endeavour towards reduction. As an illustration, when we are doing a removals job for a customer we make a humble appeal to the customer to be flexible about pickup time, since we are able to plan a better route if the pickup time window is wider. Also we need a lesser number of vans, and consequently there is lesser traffic and lesser emission.

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Our Approach

Stop, Save, Salvage

Across our organization, our Stop, Save, Salvage approach guides our environmental efforts to drive the responsible and efficient use of resources, optimize our business, lower costs, and deliver value in following key areas:

  •  Vehicle efficiency
  •  Sustainable facilities
  •  Sustainable materials
  •  Sustainable recycling
  •  Sustainable appliances

In each of these areas, we try to identify the right initiatives to emphasize on opportunities which multiply efficiencies and minimize impacts.

manager prioritizing tasks list
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Vehicle Efficiency

We strive to leverage the best available emission technology for our vehicles and are committed to maintaining a robust emission strategy. We intend to continue replenishing our fleet.

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Sustainable Facilities

By not creating new building infrastructure for our office or tradesmen staff, but instead by letting them work remotely, we avoid the erection of huge office facilities.

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Sustainable Materials

We discourage waste created from single use packaging material which is discarded after one use. Wherever possible, we encourage a program of reusing the packaging.

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Sustainable Recycling

Our endeavor remains to not dispose of rubbish to a landfill but instead redirect it to a recycling centre.

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Sustainable Appliances

We aim to guide customer choice towards greener choices, since we will be playing a key role in influencing the customer choice in purchasing appliances.

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Our Impact Methodology

Every mile that a car moves using fossil fuel, every brick added into a wall, every piece of rubbish directed to a landfill instead of being recycled, and every box that is disposed which could be reused - adds a little more of what is avoidable.

If only a vehicle travelled only how much it had to, and that too in an electric vehicle, then the unnecessary emissions into the atmosphere could be avoided.

This is precisely what Greenvan addresses. Through a unique green combination of techniques and initiatives throughout the entire transaction - from the time you make a booking to the time that a tradesmen completes the job at your home, every step on the way is greenified.

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The Calculations

Our impact calculations work out how many miles our electric vans have to travel to do jobs. This is compared against the traditional scenario where the total distance would have been covered by a non-electric van required to do the same number of jobs. Then we calculate the total office establishments that would have to have been in existence to take bookings and provide customer support. Then we add how much waste we are able to avoid being sent to landfills, instead sending it to the recycling centers. Then we add the packaging material that we saved from being thrown after a single use, but could be reused. Then we calculate the greener choices towards which we have guided our customers. We calculate the original carbon footprint compared to the footprint we saved.

colleagues discussing accounting statistics report using software