UN Sustainable Goals

We unweave the SDG rainbow by having an expansive stakeholder horizon as we touch various SDGs in our journey.

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Ethics and Integrity

Governance structures and practices, including ethics and compliance programs and training activities

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Data/IT Security and Data Privacy

Information technology security initiatives, policies, and privacy notices, including risk management

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Emissions Associated with Transportation Fleet

Fuel efficiency and emission reduction targets, vehicle fleet modernization, alternative fuel strategies

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Workplace Safety and Team Member Security

ide range of team member vehicle, equipment, and workplace safety training and awareness programs, as well as state-of-the-art safety systems and equipment

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Team Member Diversity and Inclusion

Drive an inclusive culture, along with education and numerous initiatives and team member resources to foster a diverse and inclusive environment

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Workforce Recruitment, Retention, Pay, Hours, Conditions and Development

Variety of recruiting, training, career development, and educational assistance opportunities, including internships, mentoring, as well as world-class employee benefits for health and wellness

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Economic Impact and Focus

Diverse programs to support youth, women, and others in accessing employment

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Service Innovation

Innovation using artificial intelligence and other cutting edge technologies to provide easier access to the technologically challenged

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Customer Experience, Satisfaction, and Service

Property case file management so as to ensure duplicate and redundant work is avoided

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Road and Public Safety

Fleet enhancements with state-of-the-art safety systems and equipment; driver safety programs and training