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UK's Leading Removals and Transport Platform
UK's Leading Removals and Transport Platform

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Large fleet of licensed vans operate daily for all your moving needs:
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Furniture Moves
House MovesStudent Moves

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Hundreds of Delighted Customers
Join customers who rate us highly and save money on all their moves

Move Anything - Anytime - Anywhere
Affordable prices for a hassle-free, flexible and secure move

Great Prices

Transparent Pricing ensures that you pay the lowest possible price for your move. Efficient Operations keep our costs low, and we pass on the savings to you!

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Upfront flat quote - know the exact cost of your move
No hidden fees - all costs are included in the flat quote
No minimum charge - pay only for what you need
No time wasted - efficient crews get the move done swiftly
No fuel wasted - better planning for van schedules
Correct van size - assigned based on the item list

Low Cost Removals
If you get a lower quote, we'll beat it by 10%

Flexible to suit your needs

We understand that you might need to modify your booking at a later time,No worries! Get full flexibility to change your moving requirements when you book with us.

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Choose any day and time - we are always available
Modify your item list later - we move everything you need
Dismantling and re-assembly - provided for furniture
Travel with the van for free - whenever seats are available
Any other special requests - just let us know

Zero Booking Fees
Book now, make any changes later. Cancel anytime.

Secure, Safe and Trusted

Safety and security of your possessions is of highest importance for us. The crew are trained and licensed to handle all items with utmost care, throughout the move.

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Licensed Movers - trained & certified for moving items with care
Live GPS tracking of all vans - for complete peace of mind
Safe handling - super-careful loading and unloading of all items
Straps & blankets in the vans - to ensure safety during travel

£10,000 Insurance on all Moves
Complete safety of your possessions

Hassle-Free Moving

Be rest assured of a completely smooth moving experience after you book - we will always show up, always on-time, and always provide you exceptional customer-service

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Large fleet of vans - ensures that sufficient vans are always available to serve all our customers
Professional and experienced crews - ensures that moves are always carried out swiftly and safely
24x7 Customer support - ensures that we are always available to answer your questions

On-Time Guarantee
Get extra £10 off if we are late for pickup

London, UK
Serving all postcodes in:

Save time and money. Get our quote instantly

Save time and money.
Get our quote instantly

Fantastic Service Before, During and After your Move
Sit back, relax, and let our 'Personal Moving Adviser' coordinate the entire move

Fantastic Service Before, During
and After your Move
Sit back, relax, and let our 'Personal Moving Adviser'
coordinate the entire move

A 'Personal Moving Adviser' will understand your requirements, give quotes and coordinate the entire move
You'll be advised by trained professionals!
We understand your requirements
Every single move is unique - and we delivery accordingly!
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Our delightful Personal Moving Advisers will understand all your requirements, cater to your requests, and be available 24x7 to coordinate your entire move
We provide quote options for all budgets
We give you the best deal according to your needs
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Save effort by booking 1-2 strong men to do all the lifting
Save money by helping the men loading the items

Optional add-ons: dismantling and reassembly of furniture

We accommodate all changes to the job
Modify your booking and get revised quotes for FREE
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"More items than initially planned?"
"Not fully certain of the dates?"

We understand that moving your belongings often needs last-minute changes. We are happy to modify your bookings completely free of charge

Professional and experienced crews will arrive on time, and ensure safety of all items during the move
The driver will arrive on time
If you book with us, you are assured of the move getting completed - we always show up, always on time!
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A fully-trained and licensed driver will reach you ON TIME, fully informed with all the move details, and equipped with all tools ready to move!

Ensure complete safety of your items
The crew have years of experience in ensuring that your valuable possessions are delivered safely.
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The trained professional crews will:
- handle your items with utmost care,
- load and unload items from the vans very safely
- secure all items with straps and blankets

Track the van using GPS
Absolute safety while your items are being transported
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All moves are tracked live using GPS - so you know exactly where your items are, and when they will reach your delivery location.

You are free to travel in the van if space permits - just check with your Personal Moving Adviser!

Get the best prices from our expert advisers
Nobody combines fantastic service with low prices like we do

Get the best prices from our experts
Nobody combines fantastic service with low prices like we do